Cranbrook Operatic and Dramatic Society


CODS exists to encourage the performance of all forms of amateur theatre, musical,
drama and comedy, and is open to all interested persons.

The main point of contact for CODS is our Secretary
Lee Hatcher
Email :
Telephone : 01580 388716
Please contact him by email or telephone regarding membership enquiries or anything to do with the Society.

Names of the Committee are included in the "Contacts" page of this website
where also can be found a downloadable version of the 'CODS' Membership Application form.

By clicking on "Constitution" a copy of the latest version will appear in a seperate window.

Policies and Guidelines have been in existence for some years in draft form but are now being formalised.
Those released (albeit still in draft form) are as follows:
These can be found by clicking the relevant item in the Table of Guidelines below.
They will appear in a seperate box - there will be more to follow in due course.

"Production Guidelines".
"Show Selection Committee Guidelines".
"Equality and Diversity Policy".