by Pamela Hudson

Queens Theatre, Cranbrook
21st April 2001
Director – Nicholas Clarke

The following appeared in the Amateur Stage magazine - January 2005

Peeping at Tom (Amateur Stage)

Write up by the NODA representative who viewed the production

CODS were rightly proud of their member Pamela Hudson, who had written their Spring offering "Peeping At Tom" and Nicholas Clarke as Director ensured he had a slick, well rehearsed cast of whom she, in turn, would be proud. A sumptuous set had been constructed which was extremely pleasing to the eye and totally practical in ensuring a good pace was maintained throughout this comedy. The work and attention to detail in CODS set is always of a standard to be envied and strived towards. Apposite furnishings and props also added to the presentation as did the ladies and gentlemen’s outfits. The play may be set in present times but the characters and costumes were well matched. The lighting of the show, which took place over a Friday evening and through to the following afternoon was also very nicely done. Well done to all the back stage and production team. Tina Gallagher has the ability to adapt to a wide range of characters – all of them totally believable. I have seen her as Madame Arcarti and in Steel Magnolia’s – two extreme of character, both well done and her role in this comedy was also well executed and credible. Her son Mark, has been abroad for eight months, he returns home to find a baby on the doorstep and a note to say he is the Father and he can look after it! The son, Mark Anstey, played by Mark Wooding to good effect, takes the baby to his parents so that they can help look after it and sort everything out. Jack Dale played Charles Anstey, taking on the role of the new Grandfather to this tiny baby with great aplomb. Of course nothing in life is straight forward and at the time of leaving to go abroad Mark had several girls on the go – any of whom could be the Mother. He has contacted the girls concerned and three very different young ladies arrive and chaos and confusion ensue with complications at every turn! I particularly liked Nicky Phipps portrayal of Gwyneth, the Welsh girlfriend, who gave the character much comedy and verve. Jo Levett as Victoria and Alison Withey-Harrison also played their parts to the full. Michelle Sandys as Leanne was suitably loud and Wayne, played by Brent Schultz ensured that the comedy reached its surprising conclusion. I would certainly recommend this comedy to any other group and with a cast of 3 men and 5 women it is a nice size cast for many Societies. I believe the copyright remains with Pamela Hudson. Pamela has also had seven novels published under the name of Pamela Pope, four historical saga’s and three contemporary novels. I do hope you did well with "Peeping at Tom" in the Kent Drama Festival, a delightful and fun evening’s entertainment. Congratulations CODS, another success!