Cranbrook Operatic and Dramatic Society

Orpheus Violin and Thunderbolt

Orpheus in the Underworld
By Offenbach

Directed by Lesley Whitwood
Assisted by Peggy Latter
Musical Director Bryan Gipps
Choreographer Rachel Elliott

OCTOBER 24th – 27th 2001

Queen’s Hall Theatre 7.30PM

Revolution is brewing Mount Olympus as the gods become sick of nectar and ambrosia. Jupiter is finding it hard to keep control, especially as the gods know all about his philanderings down on earth. His problems are multiplied when Calliope, the Muse of Epic Poetry, demands justice for her wronged son, Orpheus, whose wife has been abducted by Pluto. This is an opportunity to see old friends and new faces in this farcical romp by Offenbach. The music is superb: full of singable tunes and some that Offenbach borrowed shamelessly from elsewhere. The script is very amusing and has elements of pantomime as well as some social comment and straightforward wit. Travel with us from the picturesque Greek countryside, up to the heights of Mount Olympus and down to the gloomy vaults of Hades - all in three hours (with 2 intervals). If your taste is for luscious nymphettes, mischievous devils, dominating matrons, balloon pilots, effete music teachers, comic gods and arcadian rustics you will find them all here.

Two rehearsal photos to wet your appetites! We are grateful to Frank Page for these.

Bacchus, Morpheus and dancers Diana, Dancers and Demons

And now some of the real thing! These were taken by Rita Wilkins to whom we are very grateful. These may take some time to down load as they total just over one megabyte - however, if you have read the above synopsis, they may already have arrived!

Shepherds 'evening shadows' Orpheus and Eurydice

Shepherdesses Pupils misbehaving!

Pupil pining! Diana and Jupiter

Mercury reporting back to Jupiter and Juno Godlets

A new balloon Mercury just broken his Olympic record

Jupiter never short of a word! Pluto

The Gods looking their very best Pluto - what a rumpus there will be!

Jupiter decides who will go with him to Hades Eurydice all alone

The Can-Can girls Jupy - say no more!